Carol Talks Turtles and Ta-Ta’s

Carol’s Turtle Book Club involves good friends who were key to her recovery when faced with breast cancer in 2008. Carol finished radiation treatments the week before the 2008 Race for the Cure, and the book club decided to walk together. Team ‘Turtles for Ta-Tas’ was hatched!

Fundraising tip  

Because 2018 marked Carol’s 10-year survivor anniversary, she wanted to do something a little bigger to give back, so she asked for $10 donations from 25 people to mark 10 years. “People were just incredibly generous and exceeded my expectations and goals!” noted Carol.

Why I raise funds   

“Two out of 11 women in my book club have been diagnosed and treated for the disease. Beyond that, every member of our book club has a sister, mom, aunt or friend who has battled breast cancer. We consider ourselves to be very blessed in terms of the insurance coverage we have, resources available and support provided in our community. We recognize that not everyone diagnosed with breast cancer is so fortunate. So, the money raised is vital to provide programs and support systems for many women who may not have the resources that we do. Finally, as a Speech Pathologist, specializing in head and neck cancer care, I understand the importance of non-federal research dollars, clinical trials and longitudinal studies in the management of all types of cancer. Research has already identified several gene mutations responsible for the disease.  It is my hope that further research may lead to a vaccine or other preventative measures in my lifetime!”