Celebrating 60 years of survivorship


PAP_barb fey_survivor_60It was 1956. Barb Fey took her three young daughters – ages 8, 5 and 2- to the doctor’s office in Elmwood, Neb. After walking out of the office with a gnawing feeling that she should talk to someone about the lump in her breast, she walked back in and asked to be seen.

After testing the next day, the following day Barb was scheduled for surgery in Lincoln. Her entire right breast was removed. There was no further therapy or treatment. Reconstruction did not exist. Barb stayed with her parents for a few days before returning home to the farm where she continued her chores as best as possible every day.

“People didn’t talk about it at all,” Barb said. She didn’t have any extra help around the house, no physical therapy or support groups, or even people to talk to about her diagnosis. It became a way of life to take care of three small children and help run the farm with her husband, Bob, following major surgery.

Barb continued to thrive, dedicating years to raising her children, driving a school bus, serving as the postmaster in Palmyra, Neb. and being involved in many school-related activities. Barb and Bob Fey celebrated their 50-year wedding anniversary in 1997 by going to Europe with their grown children.
Congratulations to Barb Fey and her entire family who will celebrate her 60 years of being cancer-free this year.