It all started with a promise. 

Last year across the Great Plains, more than 400 women died from breast cancer. Promise Me is an educational session where women can talk openly about breast cancer and the potential impact it can have on their lives. The goal of these sessions is to encourage women to get regular breast health screenings and increase survival rates. A ribbon creates awareness, but it can’t cure breast cancer. If you want to truly make a difference, it takes action.

Promise Me Goals

  1. Educate the community on the importance of breast health
  2. Encourage women to take action and get screened for breast cancer

About the Program

The Promise Me program encourages women to make a personal promise to prioritize their own health and well-being. The goal of the program is to encourage women to get regular breast health screenings. Education is a critical first step to increase understanding and reduce misinformation.

Where are Promise Me Sessions held?

Small group, volunteer-led education sessions are hosted where women gather—homes, churches, schools—to understand risk and eliminate misinformation. By working with the community to educate more women, we hope to improve breast health knowledge to encourage screening. When diagnosed early, breast cancer has a relative survival rate of 99 percent.

What will they talk about in a Promise Me Session?

Participants can talk openly about breast cancer and discuss barriers that prevent women from getting breast exams, such as fear, financial concerns, or not having enough time. Participants will also learn about the benefits of yearly screenings. At the end of the conversation, participants will have the tools to break down these barriers. Other key takeaway messages include: knowing your personal risk of breast cancer, understanding screening recommendations, engaging in healthy lifestyle behaviors to reduce risk and empowering women to be their own health advocates.

How can women get screened?

Barriers of time, travel and access to care are some of the top reasons women do not get screened. To facilitate screening, Promise Me offers mobile mammography (where available)* at various sites throughout the year.

A mobile mammography unit can be hosted for one day or more at local companies and health clinics, alleviating barriers of time, travel and financial concerns.

  • Companies can host the service as a benefit to insured employees as part of their wellness program.
  • Companies and individual supporters can ‘Pay it Forward’ and sponsor the mobile unit for one day or more to uninsured women at various sites (Omaha, Neb. only).
  • Individuals can provide a mammogram to women in need as a memorial or in celebration of a loved one.

*If a mobile mammography unit is not available in the area, Komen Great Plains will partner with local health providers on locations to direct individuals for screening.

Who leads the sessions?

Each Promise Me event is moderated by a Promise Me leader. These volunteer leaders are trained, and serve as the bridge between community members and available breast health services. Promise Me leaders are uniquely qualified as a trusted source because of the community ties they have already established. Leaders live in the communities where the conversations are taking place and understand what is important to those communities. Additionally, leaders are able to communicate in a language participants are comfortable with and can incorporate cultural customs to help participants cope with stress and promote ongoing breast self-awareness.

If you are interested in becoming a leader, contact us here or call us at 402-502-2979 or 605-271-1751.