Increasing access to mammography in Nebraska

In an effort to make mammograms more convenient and more accessible, Methodist Health System is launching Nebraska’s first 3-D mobile mammography coach. The vision to bring the coach to the area was supported by several community organizations and donors, including Susan G. Komen Great Plains.

“We approached Methodist a few years ago about bringing this technology to the area recognizing that there are still many barriers for women getting a mammogram,” said Karen Daneu, Komen Great Plains CEO. “Women still face barriers of time off work, travel, and child care concerns that influence their decision to receive a mammogram, especially for underinsured and uninsured women in Nebraska.”

The coach will offer 3D digital mammography screening technology on location to the uninsured and underinsured as well as the business community at large. The motorized coach will travel to OneWorld Community Health on Wednesday, Nov. 14 and to Charles Drew Health Center on Friday, Nov. 16. First National Bank will pay the cost of each mammogram on the Methodist 3D Mobile Mammography coach for both debut events. [Read press release]

Komen Great Plains’ donors – individuals and companies – have the opportunity to pay it forward to provide mammograms at no cost to the individual for 16 underinsured and uninsured women.
For the past three years, Komen Great Plains donors have allowed hundreds of uninsured and underinsured women to receive 2-D mobile mammography, offered through an Omaha-based company, as part of the Promise Me program. The program, established in memory of the late Kate Sommer, encourages all women to prioritize their breast health while increasing women’s breast health knowledge and access to mammography screenings. (Photo:  Patty Karthauser and Leonard Sommer, members of Komen Great Plains Advisory Board, visit the Methodist 3-D coach)

Since January 2018, Komen Great Plains donors supported nine 2-D mobile mammography events at Omaha health clinics that served 147 uninsured and underinsured women.

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